Movie Review: Bimbo Oshin, Lateef Adedimeji’s acting in ‘Strangers’ will give you goosebumps

Movie Review: Bimbo Oshin, Lateef Adedimeji’s acting in ‘Strangers’ will give you goosebumps
Movie Review: Bimbo Oshin, Lateef Adedimeji’s acting in ‘Strangers’ will give you goosebumps
Movie Review: Bimbo Oshin, Lateef Adedimeji’s acting in ‘Strangers’ will give you goosebumps

From the beginning of the Nollywood movie Strangers, you will likely fall in love with the movie. The transition from the voice over to the first scene is the first sign that the film wouldn’t be a disappointment. Did the whole film do justice to the first scene or not? We’ll find out here.

Strangers is the story of a young man, Ade (Adedimeji Lateef), who went through really tough times in life as a young boy until he finished university. Ade is the second child of a struggling mother (Bimbo Oshin), and he had a terrible leg infection that refused to go after so many years. The disease kept growing and smelling until some evangelists went into the town to minister.

Thankfully for Ade, after the evangelists put up his story, a strange woman outside the country decided to help him through his surgery and get back on his feet. Not only time, she decided to send Ade to school many years later.

Ade started schooling at the age of 13, but despite the frustration, he decided he would finish school and become a medical doctor. Unfortunately for Ade, his dream was cut short when his benefactor died, and the money she left could only take him through secondary school.

Did Ade give up on his dreams at this point? Did he struggle his way through the University? Did he derail in the University?

The storyline and Plot of Strangers prove that you don’t have to add too many twists to tell a beautiful story. The story is simple, straightforward and with a strong message. If you think you are great at predicting movies, the subtle twists in the film will make you question your predictable prowess. Also, the title was a great choice, and the connection between the title and the actual movie shows the writer didn’t pick a title; a thought process went into it. By not doing too much, the writer made a good drama, and if you are a fan of drama, then Strangers will blow your mind.

Once again, Biodun Stephens has proven she is a beautiful director with the directing of “Strangers”. Her selection of actors is close to perfect, and the progression of the movie and even the emphasis she places on characterization are applaudable. One proof of that was making sure Ade couldn’t walk well till the end of the film – it shows how particular she must have been about characterization, and that is one quality of a good director. One question, though is; what happened to the Kylie’s daughter? Why did you blank out that character without explaining it to your audience?

Every actor in Strangers deserves applause because even those who had just a single scene embodied their role just like the main cast. Once again, the selection of actors is commendable. Bimbo Oshin and Adedimeji are actors who will make you have goosebumps with the way they interpret emotions. Peter Fatomilola will always be a respected actor, and seeing him on the screen once again in all his charisma was amazing. Taiwo Ibikunle is one actor who should feature in movies more often because he understands his craft, I must say, and Bolaji Ogunmola that lady puts her all into acting. For the young men who acted Ade, their acting was admirable. Other actors like Bimbo Akintola and Debbie Felix also did excellent jobs.

The choice of song in Strangers will give you goosebumps. Each song resonates with each part of the movie, and it heightens the movie’s emotions. It is a good one.

In all, Strangers is a beautiful movie, and it will be getting a 10/10

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