Obara’M (2022) Movie Review

Obara’M (2022) – Nollywood Movie

Obara’M (2022) – Nollywood Movie


After her estranged father’s death, Oluchi, an upcoming musician, is forced to confront her true self and past mistakes. She reconnects with her daughter through their love for music. However, the echoes from the past spring from every corner, threatening to bring them down.

The Review

Obara’M guaranteed to make you roar with laughter. You’ll get chills just thinking about it. You may feel the need to defend someone else. You’ll appreciate the song for what it was intended to be. The only real problem is that it’s evident that the actors need to be singing in most of the songs, but the editing is good enough to lay the music over the performance.

The plot and story are straightforward. It’s not a typical Nollywood drama, but it’s also not a typical romantic comedy. It delves into such themes as musical ambition, family loyalty, and betrayal. The film’s straightforward storytelling lets you focus on the excellent performances and script. The humor is organic to the plot rather than tacked on, typically delivered through improbable exchanges.

Obara’M place in the cities of Enugu and Lagos. While they don’t precisely hammer us over the head with the recognizable landmarks of each, we can still appreciate their differences.

It’s not debatable that Nancy Isime is a fantastic performer on the stage. She is setting the standard for what it means to be a famous and adaptable actor. She’s not the same in every film she’s in, and that’s wonderful to witness on screen. In addition, she acts professionally and with high regard for her work.

Young as she may be, Darasimi Nadi shows maturity beyond her years in this, her second acting role. As an actress, she is a rare find and a born performer. The chemistry and rapport between Nollywood’s seasoned actors and the newer generation are enjoyable to watch.

Since it’s a musical, impromptu dance numbers are par for the course. There is a decent turnout for the church scenes. Some of the sequences, though, could be better. For instance, the actor playing the piano needs to figure out where to put his fingers. They may have used acting lessons to make their performances more convincing.

Overall, it’s a film worth watching with loved ones or discussing with friends and acquaintances because it has something to teach us all and makes us feel good. Seeing this film was a delight for me.

The Cast 

  • Chizobam Ewuzie
  • Anosike Angelo
  • E Plane
  • William Chinoyenem
  • Darasimi Nadi
  • Tolulope Odebunmi
  • Ikponmwosa Gold
  • Onyebuchi Ojieh
  • Rough koins
  • Ikekhua Anthonia
  • Sydney Egere
  • T-Clef
  • Preach Bassey
  • Waje Iruobe
  • Deyemi Okanlawon
  • Nancy Isime
  • Onyeka Onwenu
  • Bolanle Ninalowo
  • Nkem Owoh
  • Bolaji Ogunmola

The Crew

  • Produced by: Kayode Kasum
  • Directed by: Kayode Kasum
  • Written by: Stephen Okonkwo

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